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Improve regulatory efficiency

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that its regulatory framework is risk-based and transparent, reflects the community's expectations, and protects the public interest.

What we want to achieve

  • Queensland is benefiting from risk-based, efficient, effective, and transparent regulation that ensures the state’s resources are explored and developed in the public interest.
  • Regulation is contemporary and insights-driven, and the community is confident that the resources industry is well regulated.

What we will do to achieve these goals

To ensure that our regulatory framework remains contemporary and fit for purpose, the Queensland Government will continue to improve existing assessment processes and systems, and the regulatory framework.

The government will also use active tenure management to ensure that companies meet their work program and development plan obligations.

Actions to improve regulatory efficiency

These actions will ensure that Queensland's resources industry is supported by effective and transparent regulation into the future.

Read through the list below, or view the full list of actions for every key focus area in the plan.

Last reviewed 23 February 2024