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Strengthen our ESG credentials and protect the environment

The resources industry must prepare for and seize the opportunities offered by increasingly ESG-conscious investors, customers and global jurisdictions. A central element of this must be through taking decisive action to decarbonise operations in line with the Queensland Government’s commitments to a net zero emissions future.

What we want to achieve

  • Our industry is known globally as an ESG leader and recognised as safe, high-wage, environmentally responsible, and well regulated, with a strong focus on genuine partnerships with First Nations peoples and sustainable community legacy.
  • The industry has taken decisive action to decarbonise operations and is leading the way in transparently demonstrating independent ESG credentials.
  • Queensland’s resources companies have transformed from delivering mainly extraction activities to being leaders in materials handling throughout the circular economy. The industry is a leader in disassembly technology and recycling.
  • The industry is consistently seeking to exceed regulatory requirements to ensure maximum community and environmental benefit from their activities.

What we will do to achieve these goals

The Queensland Government is committed to creating a bold ESG brand for our resources industry that maximises the inherent strength of how we do business.

Strengthening our place within markets and with customers as a leading ESG jurisdiction will help continue Queensland’s resources industry’s strong economic and community legacy.

Actions to strengthen our ESG credentials and protect the environment

These actions will ensure Queensland's resources industry is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and well regulated over the next 30 years.

Read through the list below, or view the full list of actions for every key focus area in the plan.

Last reviewed 23 February 2024