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The department has a large number of policies, procedures and guidelines which affect the services that we provide to the community.

Copies of these documents are available for inspection in accordance with section 20 of the Right to Information Act 2009. Please note that some information may be deleted or withheld if its release is deemed exempt or contrary to the public interest.

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Guidelines for Making Separation DeclarationsProcedureProperty titles and valuations / Valuations7.00253
Procedure for Disclosing "Personal Information" Collected Under the Land Valuation Act 2010ProcedureProperty titles and valuations / Valuations4.01254
Internal and External ReviewsPolicyProperty titles and valuations / Valuations1.04255
Rural Land DeclarationsProcedureProperty titles and valuations / Valuations1.02256
Queensland Government employee access to SmartMap Information Services (SMIS)Policy and procedureMapping and surveying / Mapping2.02299
Queensland Geospatial Reference FramePolicyMapping and surveying / Surveying1.02355
Exchange of State Land for Native Title interestsGuidelineLand management / Use of state land6.03361
Issuing of Astronomical Phenomenon CertificatesProcedureMapping and surveying / Surveying1.03362
Land Dealings affecting the Stock Route NetworkPolicy and procedureLand management / Use of state land6.00363
Service for Legal Traceability of Length for Electronic Distance Measurement EquipmentPolicyMapping and surveying / Surveying1.05395
Parcel Identification StandardStandardMapping and surveying / Surveying4.01396
Conversion of Leasehold Tenure (Operational Policy)Operational policyLand management / Use of state land6.00397
Access rights over non-freehold landOperational policyLand management / Use of state land2.08401
Burials on Lands Administered under the Land Act 1994 Operational policyLand management / Use of state land4.02402
Internal Review of Original Decisions GuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.00409
EasementOperational policyLand management / Use of state land3.02410
Privacy requirements for Gazette notices and advertisementsProcedureLand management / Use of state land5.02411
Excision of Area from a Freeholding Lease PolicyLand management / Use of state land2.06412
Release and Indemnity, and Public Liability Insurance - Secondary interests under the Land Act 1994 GuidelineLand management / Use of state land5.01414
Transfer of Leases, Licences and Subleases Operational policyLand management / Use of state land6.01415
Naming convention for tenure to government departmentsProcedureLand management / Use of state land3.08416
Freeholding of Reserve/Vested land held by Queensland Rail GuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.07417
Allocation of land to State Government departments and Constructing AuthoritiesGuidelineLand management / Use of state land8.00418
Dealings (including compensation) with Easements GuidelineLand management / Use of state land7.00419
Allocating Most Appropriate Use and Tenure of State Land in Coastal Areas GuidelineLand management / Use of state land2.06420
Lease renewalOperational policyLand management / Use of state land6.00423
Additional Purposes of Lease Operational policyLand management / Use of state land4.01425
Completion of Permanent Survey Mark PlansSpecificationMapping and surveying / Surveying1.06427
Lease SubdivisonPolicyLand management / Use of state land4.02428
Cemetries Exhumation Operational policyLand management / Use of state land1.10433
Mortgage of Deed of Grant in TrustOperational policyLand management / Use of state land2.07434
Creation of Trust Land Operational policyLand management / Use of state land3.07479
Public Purpose ReservationsGuidelineLand management / Use of state land4.00480
Land Allocation: Deciding Most Appropriate Use, Tenure and ManagementOperational policyLand management / Use of state land5.00481
Permit to OccupyGuidelineLand management / Use of state land6.00482
Dealing with State land that is nominated as a place on the Queensland Heritage Register GuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.03485
Valuations for dealings under the Land Act 1994GuidelineLand management / Use of state land2.01488
Caravan Park PolicyOperational policyLand management / Use of state land3.07490
Land Allocation:Granting Land VolumetricallyOperational policyLand management / Use of state land3.00492
Secondary Use of Trust LandOperational policyLand management / Use of state land6.02493
Leasing land for Telecommunication Carriers, including for Aerial Pole Routes ProcedureLand management / Use of state land5.05494
Leases over Reserves Operational policyLand management / Use of state land4.03495
Allocation of Land in Priority in Terms of the Land Act 1994 Operational policyLand management / Use of state land5.00499
Requirements for Minister's Approval to SubleaseGuidelineLand management / Use of state land2.07502
Resumption in relation to land under the Land Act 1994ProcedureLand management / Use of state land1.02503
Accreditation of SurveyorsProcedureMapping and surveying / Surveying1.05504
Legal Traceability of Length for Electronic Distance Measurement EquipmentProcedureMapping and surveying / Surveying1.01505
Survey Plan Processing and Pre-Lodgement AdviceProcedureMapping and surveying / Surveying1.02565
Administrative PlansSpecificationMapping and surveying / Surveying2.02571
Diversification of Leases for Agricultural Purposes Operational policyLand management / Use of state land3.01575
Undertaking a land evaluation report prior to lease renewal, lease conversion and State land AllocationProcedureLand management / Use of state land2.02577
Mining Interests including Claims/Leases and the Land Act 1994ProcedureLand management / Use of state land5.05578
Revenue Share Policy for Local Government Operational Trust Land Operational policyLand management / Use of state land3.00579
Tenure based options for Unallocated State land in Native Title claims and Indigenous Land Use Agreements GuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.01581
Issue of Tenures to a Port Authority/Corporation ProcedureLand management / Use of state land5.04582
Unauthorised structures on unallocated State land GuidelineLand management / Use of state land2.01583
Eligibility to Hold LandOperational policyLand management / Use of state land2.03584
Prosecution PolicyPolicyCorporate / Legal3.00658
Native Title Work ProceduresProcedureIndigenous interests / Native title1.40673
Guidelines for Local Governments - compulsory acquisition of landGuidelineProperty titles and valuations / Land resumption4.00676
Covenants providing for no separate transfersProcedureLand management / Use of state land4.08681
Roads under the Land Act 1994GuidelineLand management / Use of state land5.01725
Place NamesPolicyMapping and surveying / Queensland place names1.02851
Section 9 Application FormApplication formProperty titles and valuations / Land resumption1.30970
Deciding the most appropriate tenure of state landGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.061012
Plan requirements for state land dealingsGuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.011069
State Policy for Vegetation ManagementPolicyLand management / Managing land resources4.001084
Offsets in relation to State lands administered under the Land Act 1994GuidelineLand management / Use of state land2.021109
Dealing with rent and instalment payments for Land Act tenuresGuidelineLand management / Use of state land3.001178
Application to vary conditions of an exploration permitOperational policyMines1.081246
Assessment of exploration permitsOperational policyMines1.041247
Conditional surrender of exploration permitsOperational policyMines1.041248
Excluding land subject to native titleOperational policyMines2.001250
Prescribed areas (excess and non-contiguous)Operational policyMines1.031251
Project-based permit administrationOperational policyMines1.051252
Renewal of exploration permitsOperational policyMines1.051253
Work program and relinquishment conditionsOperational policyMines2.011254
Exceptional circumstancesOperational policyMines2.011313
Renewal of exploration permits in areas proposed for national parks and regional parksOperational policyMines1.041314
Applying for a mining lease for coal with a prospecting permitOperational policyMines1.041315
Notice to progress applications for grant or renewal of a resource authorityOperational policyMines2.001316
Application for declaration of a Potential Commercial AreaOperational policyMines2.031318
Project-based development plansOperational policyMines1.071319
Mining lease notification and transitional arrangementsOperational policyMines2.021320
Special Amendment of an authority to prospectOperational policyMines3.041509
Domestic and Family Violence ProtocolProtocolCorporate / Health and Safety4.001672
Complaints Management FrameworkFrameworkCorporate / Governance3.011982
Operational Policy - deciding the term of a mining leaseOperational policyMines1.033088
Queensland Spatial Information Custodianship GuidelinesGuidelineMapping and surveying / Surveying1.063330
Queensland Digital Road Network StandardStandardMapping and surveying / Surveying3.013331
Queensland Foundation Spatial Data FrameworkFrameworkMapping and surveying / Surveying3.003332
Queensland Location Address Management FrameworkFrameworkMapping and surveying / Surveying8.033333
Large Scale Land Development SurveysProcedureMapping and surveying / Surveying1.033409
Renewal or conversion of a term leaseStandard Operating Procedure (SOP)Mapping and surveying / Surveying1.013553
Conversion of perpetual leases to freeholdPractice noteMapping and surveying / Surveying1.013555
Renewal of pastoral leasesPractice noteMapping and surveying / Surveying1.013556
Corrupt Conduct Fact SheetFact SheetCorporate / Human resources2.003595
Diversification of Leases for Agricultural Purposes - GuidelineGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.013856
Policy for making public statementsPolicyMines2.013869
Technical assessment of an application for a Mineral Development Licence for coalOperational policyMines4.034001
Vegetation Management Map updatesOperational policyVegetation management / Vegetation management1.004064
Public Interest Disclosure Protocol ProtocolCorporate / Human resources2.024090
Security assessment mineral and coal resource authorities policyPolicyMines1.044110
Carbon rights on state landGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.004182
Submitting GNSS data for inclusion into the statewide datum adjustment networkGuidelineMapping and surveying / Surveying1.014235
Land allocation and specific requirementsGuidelineMacropod management / Quota submissions and annual reports2.004386
Queensland Soil and Land Resource Survey Information Guideline GuidelineVegetation management / Vegetation management2.004460
Guideline for fuel sellers - reasonable steps for achieving the Sustainable Biofuel RequirementGuidelineEnergy / Biofuels1.004604
Biofuels Compliance and Enforcement Strategy (DNRME)GuidelineEnergy / Biofuels2.004767
Assessment of applications to use steel casing in horizontal wells Operational policyMines1.024838
Fire management mission statement FrameworkLand management / Managing land resources1.004866
Wildfire responseFrameworkLand management / Managing land resources1.004867
Fire Management ProgramGuidelineLand management / Managing land resources1.004868
Fire Risk Management PlanGuidelineLand management / Managing land resources1.004870
Operational Policy - Security for mining claimsPolicyMines1.024921
Additional Purposes of Lease - GuidelineGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.015110
Relevant ArrangementsPolicyMines1.015125
Australian Market Supply ConditionPolicyMines2.025131
Fences on Stock RoutesGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.015152
Exemption for land lease transfersGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.015165
Operational Policy Applying for Bulk SamplingPolicyMines1.035192
Operational Policy Rock for Building or Monumental PurposesPolicyMines1.015231
Guidance note: Resources Safety and Health compliance and enforcement (COVID-19 emergency)GuidelineMines1.005290
Minister's power to impose, vary or remove a condition of an exploration permit or authority to prospect due to an exceptional eventPolicyMines1.015324
Application for extension of last renewed term of an exploration permit PolicyMines1.015325
Roads off alignment and undedicated roads - A guide for local governmentGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.015337
Disqualification criteria and assessmentOperational policyMines1.015440
Land Management Planning for Trust landGuidelineLand management / Use of state land1.005632
Operational policy - Vegetation Management Map certification and release dates.Operational policyVegetation management / Vegetation management1.005791
Cadastral Survey RequirementsStandardMapping and surveying / Surveying8.005792
Submitting survey plans under the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003SpecificationMapping and surveying / Surveying1.005860
Obtaining a Survey Licence for HydrogenOperational policyMines1.006181

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