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Open data - land and mineral resources

We support the Queensland Government's open data initiative by making our raw data as freely accessible as possible on the Open Data Portal.

You can also access our data on Queensland Globe, where you can find, view and interact with maps, imagery, property, resources and other specialist data.

The department publishes a list of its closed dataset, including the type of restriction. See our open data strategy for further information about our commitment to open data.

Data are updated at varying frequencies, depending on the topic. Refer to the metadata statement for further details.

Download data - Open data portal View data - Queensland Globe

Other data sources

We also provide data through a range of online services, maps and publications.

  • GeoResGlobe - find, view and interact with mining and exploration data
  • QImagery - view and access historical aerial imagery dating back to 1930s
  • QTopo - view and download topographic maps of Queensland
  • QSpatial - Queensland Spatial Catalogue - download and connect to geographic datasets, databases, models, map images and map services
  • GSQ Open Data Portal - download geoscience data, statutory reports and publications from the Geological Survey of Queensland portal
  • Spatial Portal - use spatial app services and connect to spatial web services
  • ELVIS - download national elevation and depth data

Find out more

Find out more about Queensland Globe and our other data sources on Business Queensland.

Contact us

For enquiries and feedback, email opendata@resources.qld.gov.au.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License

Unless otherwise indicated, the data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Australia Licence.

Last updated
12 January 2024
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21 February 2023