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Critical minerals opportunity

Rich in resources, ready for tomorrow

The Queensland Government has a 30-year plan to grow and diversify the resources industry. Through our Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (QRIDP) we will ensure our traditional resource commodity strengths in the coal and gas sectors remain stronger for longer, and that we are ready to capitalise on the global demand for critical minerals.

The resources and critical minerals industry in Queensland is backed by strong local demand for the renewable energy equipment needed to meet the Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable energy and net zero emissions. The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy—currently in development—will help grow Queensland’s local industry for battery minerals, chemicals and advanced manufacturing.

The Queensland Government has kept energy assets in public hands so Queensland has the power to ensure a secure transition to renewable energy and provide domestic demand for products manufactured in Queensland.

Queensland’s critical mineral offering

Queensland has 51 of the world’s most sought-after minerals.

Queensland’s diverse geology and resource potential place it second for lead production, third for zinc and bauxite production, and fifth in the world for silver production.

Queensland has an estimated 15% of the world's vanadium, 2.5% cobalt, 35 million of zinc.

Queensland has an estimated 15% of the world's vanadium, 2.5% cobalt, 35 million of zinc.

Projects in Queensland

Click to enlarge the map and view critical mineral resources and project locations across Queensland.

With a diverse resource endowment, proven capability to bring a resource to market and a responsible operating environment, Queensland is an attractive investment jurisdiction.

The investment opportunity

Queensland’s critical minerals industry is made up of many small, experienced companies seeking partnership and investment connections and has on offer:

  • multiple opportunities to invest in downstream supply chain operations—for example, through providing inputs such as acid for mineral processing and in enabling infrastructure
  • the perfect opportunity for innovative operating models to improve the financial viability of our many smaller scale, high-value resource deposits
  • geographically and geologically distributed critical minerals—providing companies the opportunity to scale.
Last updated
07 November 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023