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Strategic Resources Exploration Program

We are investing more than $27 million through the 4-year Strategic Resources Exploration Program to boost exploration and support for resource development projects.

The program is helping to expand resource exploration and development for gas and minerals in North West Queensland.

Initiatives funded under the program are supporting:

  • exploration for gas in the Georgina, South Nicholson and Isa Super Basins
  • mineral geophysics to pinpoint the locations of potential new mineral prospects over wide areas
  • mineral geochemistry programs to identify the type of potential mineral deposits (e.g. copper, lead, zinc) identified from geophysical programs using surface samples
  • mineral synthesis to help develop a comprehensive and integrated understanding of the geology of the North West Minerals Province
  • national research into advanced techniques used in the discovery of mineral deposits in frontier regions
  • the Geoscience Data Modernisation Program, to modernise legacy systems and enable data driven exploration and resource development opportunities for Queensland.

This program also supports the implementation of the Strategic Blueprint for Queensland's North West Minerals Province, and includes funding for different forms of mapping so explorers can better understand what's below the ground.

As part of the program, funding has been invested to broaden the Collaborative Exploration Initiative, building on the past success of the Collaborative Drilling Initiative.

Investment attraction has also been prioritised, with funding allocated for a program of activities to attract new investment into Queensland's exploration industry.

The 4-year Strategic Resources Exploration Program concludes in 2021.

We are also continuing to provide exploration initiatives through our Queensland exploration program, releasing exploration tenders for petroleum, gas and coal resources.

Last updated
21 July 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023