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For residents and visitors

We’ve changed the name of:

  • the geographical island (Fraser Island) to K’gari
  • the locality (Fraser Island) to K’gari.

Changing the locality

A locality (also known as a suburb in an urban setting) is an area with defined boundaries that provides the official location name for addressing purposes. There are currently two localities recorded on the island used for addressing and provision of services – ‘K’gari’ and ‘Eurong’.

Under the proposal the locality of Fraser Island has now changed to K’gari. The locality of Eurong has not been impacted by this decision.

Impacts to your address

There will be some changes to addresses. For example, if your current address is 123 Beach Street, Fraser Island QLD 4581, it will become 123 Beach St, K’gari QLD 4581.

Addresses in Eurong will not change.

You can choose to update your driver’s licence with your new address – the Department of Transport and Main Roads can help you do this. Or it will update automatically when you next renew your licence.

Your details on the electoral roll will change automatically.

Tourist access

K’gari is and will continue to be a popular tourist destination. Tourism businesses and operators will continue to operate on K’gari as usual.

An island getaway like no other, K’gari holds immense history within its sandy shores. The return of the name K’gari provides visitors with an opportunity to explore and appreciate the island’s Aboriginal culture.

Find out more about visiting K'gari.

Last updated
21 July 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023