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Many businesses are already being proactive and are updating their names or promotional material to recognise K’gari’s name change.

You can make the most of the momentum around the name change right now to update your business. Find out what you need to do, and when.

Business names

If your business name included the words ‘Fraser Island’, you don’t need to change your business name to K’gari – although you’re very welcome to.

For example, ‘Fraser Island Bakery’ does not need to change to ‘K’gari Bakery’.

If you change your business name, you should also:

Marketing and promotional material

We encourage you to acknowledge the island’s name change on any marketing or promotional material for your business.

For example:

  • Fraser Island Bakery can be marketed as ‘Fraser Island Bakery on K’gari’
  • Fraser Island Adventures can encourage customers to ‘visit K’gari (formerly known as Fraser Island)’.

Make sure you update your:

  • website
  • marketing materials like flyers and brochures
  • signage.

When to make the change

The name change became official on 7 June 2023. However, there’s no formal transition period for changing the name within your business.

Changing your name sooner rather than later will make it easier for people to find and use your business as the world transitions to K’gari. You can make simple changes to your website in the short term to include the island’s approved name, and then update the rest of your material as needed.

There are no fines or compliance action if you don’t use K’gari. However, we’ll be investing in awareness, support and education to help businesses and tourism partners be proactive and support the island’s new and greater tourism profile as K’gari.

For further business enquiries about the name change, contact the Small Business Hotline (1300 654 687).

Signage and addressing services

The various authorities that manage road and island signage are planning updates to align with the name change.

Government will also notify state and national organisations including:

  • all addressing services
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Electoral Commission of Queensland
  • police
  • emergency services
  • State Valuation Service
  • Energex
  • Telstra
  • Google maps
  • Esri Australia
  • Geoscience Australian
  • Tom Tom navigation.

Style guide

Follow these simple tips on using K'gari's new name correctly on your website and in online marketing.

  1. On a website, replace the first mention of Fraser Island on each page with K’gari (formerly Fraser Island). Using the term ‘formerly’ flags that the name has changed, and it isn’t a dual name.
  2. Each following mention of Fraser Island on the same web page should be replaced with K’gari.
  3. If helpful, include a link to our K’gari web page: www.resources.qld.gov.au/kgari.
  4. The apostrophe can be either a curly quote or a straight quote.
  5. Add ‘Fraser Island’ to your metadata and keywords to improve search results.
  6. For search engine marketing purposes (such as Google Ads), use the headline: K’gari, formerly Fraser Island.
  7. Where a name has been changed by other authorities such as UNESCO, that name will continue as is – for example, K’gari (Fraser Island) World Heritage Area.
Last updated
22 November 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023