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Place naming

What do Watyakan Creek, Greenstone and Mayfly Creek all have in common? They are all relatively new names based on a place name community consultation:

  • Watyakan Creek replaced a racist name.
  • Greenstone is a new suburb in Caboolture West.
  • Mayfly Creek was named after the mayflies that live in the area.

Why place names matter

Place names don’t just identify a location or geographical feature. They also give people a sense of community or promote a tourist destination. A place name can reveal a great deal about a location’s history, geography, culture and language.

When we name or rename places in Queensland, we consult with local communities to foster a sense of connection between people and place.

Building a community

Having clearly defined names and boundaries for places is essential for a functioning community, and helps emergency services, mail and internet providers work efficiently.

Place names are also critical for map production, navigation, communication services, census data and statistics.

Learn more about place names

Explore more information about place names in Queensland, and have your say on current place name proposals.

Last updated
21 July 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023