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Land resources compliance

Queensland’s land and vegetation resources are vital for our economic, social, environmental, and cultural wellbeing and we all share responsibility for using them fairly and sustainably.

Each year we identify our highest priorities in the areas of land management and vegetation management to ensure our regulatory approach is targeted and proportionate.

Regulating these natural resources involves working closely with our customers, stakeholders and community to achieve sustainable economic prosperity while also helping to protect our environment.

Focus areas

  • Manage state land for the benefit of all Queenslanders, ensuring it is appropriately used and environmental and cultural values are considered and protected.
  • Manage the sustainable use of Great Barrier Reef island resorts on leasehold land to contribute to Queensland’s tourism industry, particularly for regional economies.
  • Manage native vegetation to achieve sustainable outcomes for land use and associated biodiversity, while also allowing for economic development to occur.

Find out more about our planned compliance activities and targets for 2023-24 in our Department of Resources compliance plan 2023-24 (PDF, 134.3KB).

Related legislation

The department administers a number of Acts and regulations, including:

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Last updated
29 February 2024
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21 February 2023