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Georesources compliance

Queensland’s world-class mineral and energy resources - such as coal, minerals, and petroleum and gas - are owned and managed by the state for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

In managing compliance with resource laws, we aim to be consistent, transparent and defendable. This gives industry and the community confidence in our resources laws and trust in our enforcement actions.

Focus areas

  • Administer the tenure framework that facilitates exploration for and development of mineral, coal, petroleum and gas, geothermal energy and greenhouse gas resources in Queensland.
  • Manage the sustainable growth of the Queensland coal seam gas industry through the coexistence framework.
  • Undertake monitoring and evaluation to ensure that industry’s on-ground performance complies with the current regulatory framework.
  • Provide the resources sector with the support, guidance and information necessary to meet their statutory requirements and social licence commitments.
  • Proactively engage with industry and landowners to provide information and educational resources for land access.
  • Provide consistent and transparent decision making in compliance decisions so that industry and the community have confidence in the department to enforce the regulation.
  • Use proactive and reactive methods to identify high-risk areas of unauthorised or unlawful mining activities.

Find out more about our planned compliance activities and targets for 2023-24 in our Department of Resources compliance plan 2023-24 (PDF, 134.3KB).

Related legislation

The department administers a number of Acts and regulations for our georesources, including:

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Last updated
04 March 2024
Last reviewed
21 February 2023