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Disaster management response

We support the Queensland Government State Disaster Management Plan (PDF) by providing information in disaster situations that relate to our 4 referable dams and abandoned mine sites. We also provide land and spatial information on disaster-affected land across Queensland.

We are required to undertake various planning activities to prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from disasters. We may also be called on to:

  • provide advice regarding unallocated state land or land managed by the department which has been impacted by disaster
  • assist the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Police in the capture of spatial imagery and spatial information analysis
  • advise about impacts on and from Queensland abandoned mines
  • provide updates on the opening and closure status of current mining operations
  • help with the efficient deployment of personnel and resources
  • advise about economic impacts
  • issue warnings, alerts and general information in accordance with emergency action plans for the referable water dams that we manage.

We do this as part of a whole-of-government commitment to ensuring that Queensland communities can be confident in our ability to drive recovery, resilience and future prosperity.

Our first, direct response includes:

  • rapid mobilisation of relevant functions
  • early contact with abandoned mine sites
  • timely and accurate reporting to the State Disaster Coordination Group and where necessary the Minister
  • effective implementation of regulatory and non-regulatory responses
  • efficient deployment of personnel and resources.
Last updated
31 July 2023
Last reviewed
21 February 2023