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New regional ecosystem database

We have created an online database which lists regional ecosystems under the framework, making it easy for landholders to find relevant information about regional ecosystems and their class.

You can search the Vegetation management regional ecosystem description database (VM REDD) online, or you can download the entire database into an excel spreadsheet so you can access it offline. To use the database, you search the regional ecosystem numbers that are shown on your free vegetation management map.

The VM REDD only contains information relevant to, and certified under, the vegetation management framework. For information on regional ecosystems under other legislative frameworks, search the regional ecosystems database.

The VM REDD will usually be updated annually with scientific information received from the Queensland Herbarium. A system of checks and balances, including parliamentary oversight, are in place to ensure regional ecosystems continue to meet the requirements of the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

The first VM REDD took effect on 22 November 2023.

Last updated
22 November 2023
Last reviewed
22 November 2023