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Queensland Government

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) is the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, with representatives in 16 locations across the world. TIQ has specialist responsibility for ensuring that international investors have the information and support needed to take advantage of the many opportunities Queensland offers.

TIQ assists potential investors by providing a range of business and investment services, including sharing detailed industry knowledge, preparing business cases, arranging site visits, facilitating introductions to industry and service providers, liaising with government and providing market intelligence.


Chief Executive Officer

Justin McGowan


The Department of Resources is the Queensland Government’s advisor on the state’s renewable and non-renewable land, mineral and energy resources. The department works closely with the resources industry and across the government to assess, negotiate and advise on innovation enterprise and industry-wide proposals. The department also has a regulatory role for existing operations to ensure all activities are managed fairly, responsibly and sustainably.

The department is a key facilitator of economic development in Queensland.



Warwick Agnew

Email: ODG@resources.qld.gov.au

Office: 1 William Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Australian Government

The Australian Government sets the regulatory environment for investment in Australia, including:

  • national environmental law
  • trade and customs
  • taxation
  • foreign investment.

For information to support investors entering the Australian market, see Austrade’s 2023 benchmark report.

Last reviewed: 21 February 2023