Native title work procedures

Queensland Government departments and agencies need to comply with both the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) and the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) by according Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People procedural fairness for future act dealings, as set out in the native title work procedures.

Before beginning, please read about getting started with the native title work procedures. It has important information about how to use the modules and the decision tools.

You can use the following templates to record your native title assessment:

First considerations
AA (PDF, 145.1KB) Identify proposed dealing and area  
AB (PDF, 178.3KB) Dealings that can proceed
AC (PDF, 401.1KB) Indigenous land use agreements
AD (PDF, 286.5KB) Native title determinations
Exclusive tenures
BA (PDF, 1.1MB) Grants and vestings
BB (PDF, 785.0KB) Rely on extinguishing effect
CA (PDF, 276.0KB) Public works
CB (PDF, 2.8MB) State road policy
Future acts
F (PDF, 352.6KB) Non-claimant protection
GB (PDF, 231.6KB) Primary production
GD (PDF, 203.3KB) Off-farm activities
GE (PDF, 145.4KB) Timber and quarry materials
H (PDF, 160.5KB) Surface and subterranean water
IB (PDF, 148.7KB) Pre-existing rights based acts
IC (PDF, 678.9KB) Renewals, regrants, extensions
JAA (PDF, 1.1MB) Public housing and government infrastructure
J (PDF, 149.5KB) Reservations and leases
K (PDF, 244.4KB) Facilities for services to the public
L (PDF, 872.3KB) Low impact acts
M&N (PDF, 339.2KB) Freehold test
O (PDF, 115.8KB) Non-claimant or Indigenous land use agreements  
Right to Negotiate (RTNs), Indigenous Land Use Agreements and non-claimant applications
P (PDF, 92.4KB) Right to Negotiate  
Q (PDF, 140.6KB) Indigenous land use agreements  
R (PDF, 150.1KB) Non-claimant applications