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Geoscience Data Modernisation Project

The Geoscience Data Modernisation Project (GDMP) will help transform Queensland’s geoscience data ecosystem and enable data-driven exploration, discovery and success for industry.

The project is being managed by the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ).

New initiatives

The project initiatives are:

Our approach

By optimising every aspect of geoscience data, we aim to give industry a strong advantage in an era of ever-increasing challenges to exploration and development.

We will unlock the full value of the data we hold via key focus areas:

  • data: ensure data quality and usability through systems and processes
  • curation: create a secure, advanced and more accessible data repository
  • adding value: embed and enable advanced data analytics
  • skills and capability: expand data science and management skills in our workforce.

GSQ Open Data Portal

The new GSQ Open Data Portal greatly increases access to Queensland geoscience data and make it easier to find and use.

The online portal provides a single point of access to all of GSQ’s open file geoscience data and company reports for the first time.

The new portal replaces the QDEX Data system.

Key features

  • Single search tool for all geoscience data
  • Enhanced search capabilities, including
    • detailed metadata searching
    • spatial searching through GeoResGlobe
    • manual or automated searching through an open API
  • Shopping cart functionality to allow collection and download of multiple datasets
  • Easy access via a web browser - no plug-ins required

Coming later in 2020

  • Large amounts of data that are new or previously unavailable online
    • up to 100TB of seismic data previously held offline (on tapes and hard disks)
    • OCR copies of all open file reports (more than 61,000) to support text searching and automated analysis of PDF reports
  • Linked data functionality, drawing connections between different types of data, making it faster and easier to discover all related geoscience data
  • Advanced data analytics, including support for machine learning and artificial intelligence (through a standards-based metadata catalogue) to provide more meaningful data

GSQ Lodgement Portal

The new GSQ Lodgement Portal provides a streamlined way for resource authority holders to lodge statutory reports and data.

The new portal replaces the QDEX Reports system.

The portal includes data validation to ensure only quality geoscience data is lodged for the long-term benefit of the resources industry.

The data will be available to industry following expiry of the relevant confidentiality period.

New reporting requirements and confidentiality changes

New industry reporting requirements are being implemented to improve the quality, usability and value of geoscience data submitted by resource authority holders.

The requirements are outlined in new industry reporting practice directions for minerals and coal and petroleum and gas authority holders.

The practice directions, supported by the new GSQ Lodgement Portal, will guide industry in lodging reports and data. Some data types will be submitted using new Excel templates. These capture data in a structured and itemised way, ensuring high-quality and accessible data will be available for future use by industry.

In addition, following consultation with industry, the confidentiality period for minerals and coal exploration reports has changed from life of tenure to 5 years (effective from 1 October 2020).

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Last reviewed: 28 March 2023