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Location of critical minerals

The global demand for critical minerals is rapidly increasing given their key role in the development of modern technology. Queensland is recognised globally as a leading destination for mining and resources investment, and as Australia’s gateway to Asian markets, which puts our state in a great position to discover new economy minerals that are used to make everyday items such as:

  • smartphones
  • wind turbines
  • electric cars
  • solar panels
  • batteries.

Although critical minerals are found across Queensland, they are concentrated in the state's North West and North East mineral provinces—from Mount Isa in the west to Townsville in the east, a distance of nearly 1,000km. Some critical minerals are found with other traditionally mined resources, such as cobalt with copper, while others are the dominant mineral in a deposit.

Projects in Queensland

Use the interactive map below to view critical mineral projects located across Queensland. Click on an individual-coloured dot to show the project name and the minerals found at that location.

Last reviewed: 26 March 2023