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Rich in resources, ready for tomorrow.

Critical minerals are the next chapter in Queensland’s resources story. For Queensland to capitalise on the generational opportunity the demand for our critical minerals represents, we must take quick and purposeful action, and this is why we have developed the Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy.

The Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy builds on the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan (QRIDP), which provides a 30-year roadmap to ensure Queensland’s resources industry continues to create jobs and prosperity for generations to come, and brings clear focus to the development of a critical minerals sector.

The strategy also aligns with other key Queensland plans, including the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan (QEJP), to provide an integrated framework for new industries to be developed, sustainable economic growth, and to align the state’s efforts to respond to climate change and decarbonising the economy.

Queensland’s ambition

Vecco Group’s vanadium electrolyte facility in Townsville.

‘To transform the state, national and global economy through the responsible use of Queensland’s critical minerals, creating sustainable economic prosperity for Queensland.’

Queensland will seize this generational opportunity by accelerating the downstream value chain, growing more value-adding processing and manufacturing industries, built using local critical minerals.

Key to achieving this ambition is genuine collaboration and partnerships with the Queensland resources industry, academia, resource communities, First Nations peoples, and local, state and federal governments.

Through the Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy, we can take quick and purposeful action to ensure Queensland will secure long-term economic prosperity, create more good and secure jobs in regions, and provide a pathway for orderly transition away from the carbon-intensive elements of the economy.

The strategy at a glance

The strategy outlines four key objectives, as well as new and existing actions, that will achieve Queensland’s ambition for a prosperous critical minerals sector.

The Critical Minerals Office

The delivery of the strategy will be driven by a dedicated office—Critical Minerals Queensland—which will be established as a centralised point for industry, investors and community, and will bring dedicated focus to the Queensland Government’s ambition to grow the sector.

The four key objectives

  • Move faster, smarter

    • Critical Minerals Zones (funding: $75 million)
    • Explore remaining mineralisation in mine waste (funding: $5 million)
    • Facilitate secondary prospectivity for critical minerals
  • Maximise investment

    • Rent reduction for exploration (approximately $55 million in forgone revenue)
    • Profile and promote Queensland (funding: $1 million)
  • Build value chains

    • Deliver the Critical Minerals and Battery Technology Fund (funding: $100 million)
  • Foster research and ESG excellence

    • Partner with industry to build ESG excellence (funding: $1 million)
    • Research and development in circular economy and mining (funding: $8 million)

The strategy is about futureproofing the next generation of jobs for Queensland, diversifying and decarbonising our economy, and ensuring Queensland’s future sustainable economic prosperity. It is about acting now, with industry, community and First Nations, to secure our future.

The Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy is a simple, certain and sophisticated path forward to manufacture our future.

Download The Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy (PDF, 2.1MB)