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Critical mineral locations in Queensland

For more than a century, Queensland has enjoyed strong economic growth thanks to our booming resources and export industry, especially since the discovery of gold at Gympie in 1867. Our mining and resources sector significantly contributes to our economy as a major employer across Queensland, especially in regional areas, and is a driver of exports and economic growth.

Queensland’s minerals provinces have long been the lifeblood of Australia’s resource sector with a proud history in mining, strengthened by an ability to adjust to changing market demands. This is supported by a vital and growing supply chain that links to global markets via road, rail, air and sea.

Where do we find critical minerals?

Although critical minerals are found across Queensland, they are concentrated in the state's North West and North East mineral provinces—from Mount Isa in the west to Townsville in the east, a distance of nearly 1,000km. Some critical minerals are found with other traditionally mined resources, such as cobalt with copper, while others are the dominant mineral in a deposit.

To develop critical mineral projects, the government is investing in exploration activities to improve scientific understanding and supply the valuable geoscience data needed by industry to help locate and define deposits for future production.

Projects in Queensland

Click to enlarge the map and view critical mineral resources and project locations across Queensland.

Alternatively, you can view an online interactive map showing critical mineral locations.

Last updated
18 January 2024
Last reviewed
18 January 2024