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Section 99 of the Water Act 2000 (Water Act), in combination with sections 23 and 24 of the Water Regulation 2016 provides a statutory authorisation for a constructing authority to take water as outlined in the Exemption requirements for the take of water without a water entitlement(exemption requirements).

Contractors, subcontractors and other agents engaged by a constructing authority may also take water on behalf of a constructing authority for the purpose of constructing or maintaining infrastructure, provided it is done in accordance with the requirements set out in the exemption requirements. If all of the requirements cannot be met, an appropriate authorisation or entitlement under the Water Act will be required prior to taking water or the taking of water may be considered a breach under the Water Act.

The take of water must not commence within 10 business days from the date of this notification being submitted.

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A notification must be made 10 business days prior to taking water under section 99 of the Water Act 2000. For shorter notification periods, please contact your local departmental office to discuss your options.

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