Application to amalgamate, amend or subdivide a water licence

This application is used where the applicant has an existing water licence and wishes to do one or more of the following water licence dealings:

  • amalgamating two or more water licences attached to the same land
  • amalgamating the taking and interference, if the take is from the storage created by the interference
  • amending a water licence
  • subdividing a water licence into two or more water licences
  • transferring a water licence in conjunction with one of the above dealings

Collection of information on this application is authorised by section 122 of the Water Act 2000 and will be used by the department for the purpose of processing your application. The department may be required or authorised by legislation to disclose your information to other third parties. The information may be searchable, disclosed to and used by the public as allowed, authorised or required by legislation. A copy of your application and any supporting information will be published on the department’s website.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

If you are amalgamating two or more water licences, provide details for one of the water licences here.
Do you wish to subdivide your water licence?
Do you wish to amalgamate two or more water licences? To amalgamate licences, they must relate to the same lot and plan where water is taken and used.
Do you wish to amend your water licence(s)?
What do you want to amend? Please select all that apply for the resulting water licence(s)
Do any of the following apply to your licence? If you are unsure, check your land title, Queensland Globe, any real estate listings, or contact your local business centre.
Have you notified all interested parties?
You must provide the department with a copy of each notice within 10 business days of the notice(s) being sent. If you are unable to submit your notice(s) as part of this application below, you can email them to
This must clearly show property boundaries, lot on plan, water sources, existing and proposed water facilities (5MB max size).
Do you wish to transfer the resulting water licence(s) to another registered owner?

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