Request a strategic cropping land trigger map

Use this form to select an area of interest and obtain a strategic cropping land (SCL) trigger map on the property.

You will need your lot on plan number before you start.

Questions marked with * must be completed.

If you have any problems using this service, email

The map will be emailed as a PDF, free of charge. The maps are A3 portrait and should be printed at this size to obtain the best resolution. The average file size is 300KB.

Find your lot on plan

Your lot on plan is listed on the property title or on local government rates notices.

Or you can install the Queensland Globe to locate your property and lot on plan number. Open the Queensland Globe, type the street address into the Search box in the top left hand side using the Address search option. This should zoom to your selected property and show the lot on plan details in the Location search results box.

Search instructions

  • Only 1 lot on plan number can be entered for each map.
  • The map will show cadastral lines in the vicinity.
  • The lot on plan number needs to be entered without spaces.
  • If the lot on plan number is invalid you will receive an email advising that the request for a map has failed.
  • The lot on plan number is not case sensitive (i.e. 'a' is the same as 'A').

Enter the lot only, do not include L or lot in front (e.g. 57 or D).

Enter the plan only (e.g. RP2 or AG1234).