Application for specialist worker status (water supply, electricity and power, liquid fuel, resources sector)

Changes to the application process

Queensland Health has implemented a new exemptions and waiver service portal that will now be the single point of entry for all exemption applications. The portal replaces all other pathways for applying.

From 1am, Thursday 1 October 2020, the Chief Health Officer will no longer be required to grant exemptions for a person to enter Queensland as a specialist worker from a declared COVID-19 hotspot.

Specialist workers coming from a COVID-19 hotspot will need to have their status endorsed by a relevant Queensland Government agency before they can enter Queensland. The submission process for all specialist worker applications will be managed through the Queensland Health exemption and waiver portal.

How to apply

Applications for specialist worker status must now be lodged through the Queensland Health exemption and waiver portal.

Companies should apply on behalf of employees or contractors to allow them to cross into Queensland from a COVID-19 hotspot to conduct essential activities. Read the guidelines for border restriction exemptions before applying.

Companies will need to create an account to submit an application. Once submitted, the application will be forwarded to the relevant Queensland Government agency for consideration.

If granted, this will permit the employee or contractor to travel to Queensland from a COVID-19 hotspot subject to the requirements of the Border Restrictions Direction.